Careers Website Page

Problem: Recruiting employees for a software development company can be a long, difficult process. Before the Careers Website addition, the company's hiring managers would attend local university career fairs, reach out to recruiters, and spend hours on jobs boards. This amount of time and effort was becoming an issue that needed to be solved. The corporate website lacked anything about our hiring process and open positions available. Solution: We made our website work for us and alleviate some of the pain of the recruiting process. Instead of reaching out to candidates, this website addition made it possible for them to come to us. I created and designed, with the help of the website developer, a much-needed site addition which included a careers page. It needed to spark the interest of the young, recent college graduates that were visiting the site in search of a future career with our company. I wanted the website to target this young crowd so I used active imagery, expressive content, and easy to navigate responsive pages. It also had to follow the current corporate identity. This project was a mixed collaborative between my designs and the help and feedback of whole Marketing Team.

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