Summary: With emails being sent to a subscriber list of over 8 million people, email marketing was held to extremely high standards and there was no room for error. Each month, each designer on the team was given a few select marketing campaigns to run with and design for. After overall themes were carefully and strategically selected for each email ad, Designers setoff to design around the theme (Example: March Madness, Valentines Day). After sketches, rough drafts, designing, and subject line user testing, every email went through many rounds of critical feedback and revisions from the Marketing Team before deciding on a final version. Each campaign included the main email that was the overarching "theme" and alongside these main emails were sets of site banners and ads that tied in with them, which designers also created each month.
Goals: Email ads were used to boost sales, highlight deals, and keep subscribers interested in
Results: Below are the best performing creative email ads designed while with designing for the company and their target audiences. 
February 2019
February 2018
March 2018
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