Summary: The Director of the organization from The Moon Dog Farm Animal Foster Shelter came to me wanting an update on her organizations website. The previous website had been created by a designer in the outdated software Muse and then handed off the site to the Director once completed. The Director had no understanding of how to update or use the site as she pleased. I built a fully functioning WordPress website from scratch with the help of a carefully selected template and manipulating it to be fully custom with my own HTML/CSS skills.
Creation of the website involved the entirety of the Design Process which roughly included meetings with my client, sketches and wire-framing, mockups, building and illustrating, launching, and user testing. After building the custom responsive website, I handed it off to the Director and gave her instruction on how to use her new WordPress website, create content for her websites blog, and update the sites gallery as she pleased. The results in increased donations after launch was tremendous.
Goals: The Director of the animal shelter had many goals in mind when it came to her website, but it all boiled down to only a few bullet points. She needed a site that 1) She could update herself  2) Was fully responsive for mobile and 3) Most importantly, had a clear way for visitors to donate to the organization. 
Results: Since launch, the animal foster shelter donations have tripled in the past year being there is now a clearly labeled PayPal donation tab on each page that I implemented. The director is also now able to make monthly blog posts that engages visitors from all over the Chicagoland area that she links to her social media following and has significantly increased adoptions from the shelter.
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